Our History

From Carlize’s desk …

My first introduction to flavour was as a 15-year-old high school student. I remember walking into the small lab with my father’s permission (today part of our bigger labs), opening the sample cupboard picking a bottle off the shelf and smelling the wonderful aroma that it had to offer.

How those little bottles of delightful aromas stayed with me and today it is part of my daily life. It has become part of a bigger interest and passion for the Food and Beverage Industry.

I remember my father and uncle working in the then farm shed, with jeans and plastic bags over their clothes. No FSSC, audits or health and safety rules.

Carlize Groenewald
Family members (from left to right)
Nico van der Merwe, Jacques & Carlize Groenewald, Carlo & Lucar Marra

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The year was 1997, staff compliment 3 and equipment sponsored by a wonderful family friend. Those days was defined by the forming of new alliances and relationships, when gentlemen’s agreements was a simple handshake which was enough.

Good honest business built on relationships and values, is still the building blocks of our business today. We are also proud of the fact that we are a family owned business and our staff forms part of this family.

At Fruition we believe that change is essential and a brilliant way to evolve and keep up with the times but retain the good. In the past years many things have changed at Fruition, but mostly plans and hard work has come to Fruition. Among which we have made a full circle from starting out on the family farm in 1997, moving to different premises and moving back to our roots on the family farm in 2011. We strive in keeping business principles uncomplicated, honest, and humble.

We are glad to mention that we have grown from a small flavour ingredient supplier to a to be reckoned with supplier of various flavours, raw materials and in addition offering a new product development and exclusive bottling service with a FCCS certificate.

We would love to show you our premises and have you experience our passion and family environment, we therefore extend a warm welcome to visit us on our farm in Wellington. We will even treat you to a specialized coffee at our Villamar Coffee Shop & Roastery or even a lunch at our gourmet Villamar Restaurant.

May all your dreams come to Fruition.

Fruition was founded in 1996 by Carlo Marra, and business commenced during 1997 mainly as a trading company.

This soon changed when Fruition became the agency for a well-known flavour company.

When Fruition became more than just an agency and wanted to produce rather than just trade both companies went their separate ways.

Fruition diversified and started producing flavours and emulsions.

Production was run from a smallish, rented premises in the then new Wellington Industrial Park.

We became a PTY in 2007, and since then we have grown, diversified, and expanded to more than just a company that sells flavours and emulsions.

When this premises limited certain production processes we moved next door to a bigger factory space, this only lasted 2 years and again we were limited, but this time with regards to a Food Safety Certification.

In 2009 it was decided that we would return to our roots on the family farm and renovate the original farm pack house into a suitable factory space, very fitting since Fruition originally started trading from the very same building.

During 2011 we moved into our partly new and partly renovated factory, we were very proud and still is today.

We made a full circle back to our roots and we will always remember the hard work we come from, and we will keep building on that, bringing projects to fruition . . .