Fruition acquires the latest global trends from all over the world and translates them into our products and onto our clients. Watch this space for the latest trends in the flavour world.

  • Flavour and Pantone of the Year

It is blissfully wonderful that fig was named flavour of the year along with ultraviolent being named pantone of the year. Expect to see beautifully coloured beverages and dairies in various shades of ultraviolet. This can be incorporated with other trendy flavours such as purple fig, purple sweet potato and blueberry.

Fig is trending due to its magnificent versatile flavour that can add subtle sweetness to a savoury dish, be the hero of a fruit sorbet or complement the botanicals in that ultraviolet G&T.  What consumers love even more about this flavour is its authenticity and subtle exotic feel. Try our sweet and succulent purple fig flavour now!

  • Exotic Fruits

Exotics fruit are trending big time! As globalization is increasing exponentially due to the power of social media and new technologies, everyone wants a piece of what’s on offer. You might be seeing the exciting Dragon Fruit form Central America, Yuzu from Korea or Kiwano, a horned melon form Sub-Saharan Africa available in your local grocery store.

In our African society popular flavours such as mango and pineapple are being reinvented and infused in all industries. These flavours are booming due to the exotic fruit trend although it is a familiar tropical classic we love so dearly. Try experimenting with our deliciously sweet mango flavour and pulp as well as our perfectly ripe pineapple flavour and fruit concentrate at 60 Brix.

  • Floral and Botanical

We have seen floral and botanical notes in many Craft Gin’s in 2017. This trend is still going strong due to the unique and delicate flavour it adds. Floral and Botanical extracts are also flavoured due to its natural origin, appealing to clean label products. Expect to see much more floral and botanical notes in all beverages. We predict an up rise in floral ice teas and botanical tonic water. Have a look at our natural lavender flavour, elderflower extract, delicate rose flavour and natural rooibos aroma for some inspiration.

  • Traditional Back to our Roots

Consumers have been asking more in-depth questions about where their food comes from, and rightly so. This sparked the trend of seeking traditional flavours you grew up with, unique to your own culture. In South Africa we are a rainbow nation of many different cultures, exposed to many different flavours. We love the comeback of traditional flavours in the beverage, dairy and confectionary industry. Think ginger beer, turmeric ice cream, chocolate chilli, salted caramel milkshakes and citrus flavoured beer. Fruition can assist in all these vibrant flavours, bringing sensations of authentic spice, decadence and juiciness.

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