Welcome to our world of liquid flavours, where taste meets innovation! Explore a tantalizing array of liquid flavourings meticulously crafted for the food and beverage industry. From classic favourites to exotic blends, our diverse portfolio promises to elevate your products with irresistible taste sensations. Whether you’re crafting beverages, confectioneries, or culinary delights, our liquid flavours are your key to unlocking unforgettable experiences for your consumers. Dive into a world of endless possibilities and let our flavours inspire your next culinary masterpiece.

In our synthetic flavour range, we offer a lead time of 7-12 business days. (Subject to the availability of raw materials) with a MOQ of 1kg.

Standard pack sizes of synthetic flavours are 1kg / 2kg / 5kg / 25kg Jerry Cans.

In our natural flavour range, please contact our sales team for lead time and availability with a MOQ starting at 5kg.

Standard pack sizes for natural flavours are 5kg / 10kg Jerry Cans.