An emulsion is a liquid dispersed in another liquid which is usually immiscible (usually incapable of being mixed). Emulsions are often used to give cloud to a beverage, but they can also be a cheap and effective way of delivering flavour where cloud is not an issue, for example in dairy products. Typically, a flavour emulsion contains water, essential oils, stabilisers and emulsifiers.

We stock the following flavoured emulsions as seen below.

On these we offer a lead time of 7-10 business days.(Subject to the availability of raw materials) with a MOQ of 1kg.

Standard pack sizes are 1kg / 2kg / 5kg / 25kg Jerry Cans.


Gingerbeer Emulsion

Neutral Starch Emulsion

Orange Emulsion

Concentrates & Pulps

Concentrates and purees/pulps are made from left over fruit or fruit that cannot be sold on the fresh market. They are intermediate products which are used for industrial use. Fruit has natural sugar levels, which differ between varieties/species. These sugar levels are expressed in degrees brix. Concentrates have a high sugar content (high brix) and generally is ‘clear’ product, while purees and pulps have a much lower sugar content/ low brix and contains a higher fruit cell/fibre content. These products are unpreserved but can be preserved on request.

We stock the following fruit pulps and concentrates as seen below.

On these we offer a lead time of 7-10 business days. (Subject to the availability of raw materials) The MOQ is 20KG.

Standard pack sizes are 20kg buckets.

All our fruit pulps and concentrates are stored at -18⁰C and decanted in a sterile environment.


Apricot: 32 Brix

Banana: 32 Brix

Guava: 8-10 Brix

Litchi: 15 Brix           

Mango: 28 Brix

Peach: 32 Brix

Strawberry: 8-10 Brix


Apple: 70 Brix

Aronia: 65 Brix

Cranberry: 65 Brix

Lemon: 50 Brix

Lime: 44  Brix

Neutral Grape: 68 Brix

Orange: 65 Brix

Passionfruit: 65 Brix

Pear: 70 Brix

Pineapple: 60 Brix

Plum: 65 Brix

Pomegranate: 65 Brix